MedCare Ambulance

Welcome to MedCare Ambulance

About Us


MedCare Ambulance has encompassed some of the finest technology from some of the finest systems in the nation. Serving the public as a private ambulance service offering the finest ambulance service found anywhere.


MedCare Ambulance Provides Emergency and Non-Emergency Transportation.  We can pre-schedule medical appointments in advance and still be prepared if an emergency situation arises.

End Result

MEDCARE strives on caringness and honesty.  This a MUST for the MEDical CARE you deserve, therefore unlike some companies, we WILL tell you an honest arrival time and never mislead you.  Punctuality is Primary.


At MedCare we can handle many different  kinds of services for you including:  

· Emergency Calls  

· Non-Emergency Calls  

· Stand-By Events   

· Dialysis Appointments  

· Hyperbaric Appointments  

· Doctor Appointments  

· Nursing Homes  

· Home Based Patients  

· Hospital Discharges

· Large and Small Contracts

Everyone is Important to MedCare!

Individuals are just as important to MedCare as a large contract.  Not only is it moral and riteous, but we feel it will be the success of our business.

We MAKE your needs HAPPEN!